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Welcome to B-Sharp, where every moment is an unforgettable story. We're storytellers, capturing your narrative with precision and artistry.

Our lens turns visions into reality, ensuring unmatched clarity and vibrancy.

At B-Sharp, we encapsulate emotions and freeze memories. Every click speaks of our dedication to visual excellence.

From stunning portraits to captivating event coverage, join us where creativity meets sharpness, crafting masterpieces from every moment.

volvo xc90

During a heavy snowfall, I was shoveling away when I noticed the car, almost challenging the snow around it. It looked like a frozen standoff between nature and machine. It was such a unique scene, I had to snap a picture.


Volvo xc90


Captured a moment in a silent dance of shadows and light when the power went out, leaving us in darkness. With nothing else to do, I picked up my camera and a flashlight, finding solace in taking photos


In the spotlight

slope fun

Carving Adventure: Skiing the Nassfeld Slopes

Captured at Nassfeld's ski slope, my photo frames a stunning action shot against a backdrop of pristine white mountains beneath a beautiful, expansive blue sky. A skier carves through the snow, a thrilling display of adventure against the serene winter landscape.

SV obermillstatt 1
SV obermillstatt 2

Photo's I took for:

Designing a flyer for the celebratory event marking the transition of ownership, the focus remains on the pivotal moment of key exchange. The photo spotlights the emblematic hotel key being handed over, embodying the symbolic transfer from the former to the new owner, capturing the essence of change and continuity at Hotel-Gasthof Lammersdorf.

Sleutel overgave

key transfer


The wild flying trick

This video is inspired from Lightning McQueen's Wild Racing Trick

I started this project to improve my skills in after effects

Calafornia boys

​Me and a friend of mine wanted to take the tiktok dances to another level

The end of original art?

I created this video specifically for the MLA Media Literacy Award, which centered around the interaction between the future of humans and robots. However, my video took a unique angle, exploring the relationship between AI and art.

With AI rapidly advancing and capable of producing stunning artworks, my video emphasizes the role of AI as a tool in the media world rather than take over our job.

A total of 356 projects were submitted to the media literacy award [mla] 2023

45 videos from those they selected for the video specials, and I was one of them: Program overview 2023

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At Be-sharp, we not only excel in visual excellence and cutting-edge IT solutions but also have a passion for music that resonates deep within our core.

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